How to unblock an outside drain

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July 5, 2016
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When a pipe gets blocked, it means that waste water will not be able to drain away as it should. This creates a great mess all around you and it can be a very smelly affair. You need to have the matter sorted as soon as you can. Unless you have some plumbing experience, determining where a blocked outside drain Hampstead is can be a really tricky affair. It may help to find out who is responsible for the things that are within and without your boundary of the home where drains and sewers are concerned. If you cannot be able to handle a blockage on your own, there are lots of companies that have set up shop in the area and they can be able to handle such things in a quick and efficient way. All you have to do is to look for the best players in the market and make use of them.
How to determine the location of the blockage
Blocked outside drain Hampstead is never a pretty issue to handle. Usually, you may see an overflow at a manhole and this will let you know that the issue is within the drainage pipe.
If there isn’t any overflow sign, you will have to lift the covers of the manholes within your property. When you locate a manhole that appears to be full, it means that the issue lies there. This is where you should use the rods to do the unblocking.
The outflow pipe has to be located as this is what needs unblocking. You should then insert the rod adding as many as needed. Make sure that you twist the rod in a clockwise motion as this will ensure that the rod doesn’t get unscrewed within the pipe and cause an even greater problem. The best thing about hiring a company is that they have specialized equipment and they can clear blockages faster and clean out the drains.

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