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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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You know how you require the best plumbers to take care of your pipe fittings and fixtures? Here is the Plumbers Hampstead which will help you sort out all kinds of household issues including getting new fittings for your pipes.
Our plumbers believe in provision of fitting services which are modern and more technical than the conventional ones. They believe in making innovations instead of relying on old methods. They use modern ways of fittings pipes which include:
Threaded piping: the threaded piping method is among the easiest methods to join two pipes and make a fitting between them. The pipes used in this method come with screw threads. Both pipes contain this thread and are then circled around each other to form a solid connection. This method is used in metallic or steel pipes.
Solvent welding: welding is a process which lets you connect two pipes by applying heat and pressure. In case of the modern method of solvent welding, you get to pour down some solvent on the pipes and their edges melt. Then the molten edges are pushed together by force and their particles join. This method is used in fittings of plastic pipes.
Flare fittings: flare is a device which is used to cover and conceal both pipes which are supposed to be connected together. The screwed pipe and the other one are put together and this flare is pushed on force over their connection point. It is like sealing the two pipes by use of a bandage. This is a firm method of connecting two pipes however if not done right, there are a lot of risks of leakage in pipes.
Crimped fittings: with the help of plastic and metallic devices called crimpers, the two pipes are connected together by attachment through this crimper. This is exactly like the flare but seems stronger in terms of holding and withstanding water pressure.

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