How to unblock a toilet Hampstead

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October 28, 2015
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March 5, 2016

Have you got a blocked toilet? Not a problem! Even when you have the least experience, you can try to repair it by yourself and save time and money. A toilet block can flood the whole space and it can be smelly at times. This can get worse when you do nothing to fix it. But it’s not a disaster at all when you know how to resolve a blocked toilet Hampstead.

The plunger that works
The most common problem in every household is a clogged toilet. But this also has a common solution – a plunger. Almost 95% of toilet problems can be resolved using a single plunger. The rubber bell shape is designed specifically to be used in the toilet bowl so it can push the clog down further. If the water does not drain, don’t flush it over and over. But use your plunger. It is obvious that if you plug it completely then it will not drain.

When testing for a blocked toilet Hampstead

There are many factors why a toilet can fail to flush. If you suspect that it is a clog, you should remove the lid of the tank and give the flapper valve a little lift. Let the water fill the tank and flush the clog again.

Pushing the plunger
As you plunge the toilet, the rubber seal covers the hole and the water is pushed inside. Put some vigorous effort on this work. Make sure that you have prepared a paper towel to keep the water from splashing out. Alternate the work with strokes and steadily do it a few times. Don’t forget to force the air out of the toilet because it will not generate proper pressure.

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